Here are some of the latest renderings of the building project.  Click the picture below to see the gallery of images. (This gallery will grow throughout the year)

PRAISE GOD!  We reached our Comittment Goal of 6 Million dollars.  
As of November 20th, 2016, Spring Creekers comitted 6,305,479!  Let's make room!

The Red Chair - Representing those for whom we are making room

"Sir," the servant said, "what you ordered has been done, but there is still room."  Then the master told his servant, "Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full."
Luke 14:22-23

Learn About the Project

A Pastor's Heart

Dear Church Family

Throughout our history, Spring Creek has greatly impacted our community by providing a place for people to find hope and peace through a relationship with Jesus.  As God continues to bring more people to us, we must make room.  It's time to love our neighbors by making more room for more of them to come.  

The hope of our city is the church and we have an incredible opportunity in front of us to invest in that hope.  You see, when you invest in that hope, you invest in people.  This is not a building project, its a people project.

The growth of Spring Creek Church is ultimately not about what we can do in our own power, it's about God's power and His choice to work through us.  We must refuse to settle for anything less than God's vision for our church.  It is hard.  It requires sacrifice.  It is risky.  I know the risk, but I will not run away from what I believe God is calling us to do.

Since my family came to Spring Creek in 1987, the people of this church have stepped up to the challenge of God's call for 3 previous church growth projects.  He faithfully provided the needed resources to expand our facilities to effectively minister to our community.  I believe we can do it again and will need every one of you to help make room.

Yours for more room,
Pastor Chip
Lead Pastor


Continuous Growth

Because God continues to bring more people to Spring Creek, capacity has become an issue.

The Children's ministry facility is over capacity with AWANA attendance over 300 and Sunday Kids Creek Attendance over 350.  Some classes have to meet in the foyer on Wednesdays because there are no available classrooms.

The Student Ministry is over capacity with high school running over 110 and middle school over 130.  Overcrowded rooms are difficult environments for effective Biblical education, discussion and fellowship.

Adult life group space is also limited which does not allow us to start new life groups and classes on Wednesday night and on Sundays at 9:30 which is when the full children's ministry is provided.

There is no room to accomidate our staff growth.  We curently have staff members using closets and workrooms as offices.


Our Commitment

We are blessed to have people trying to get into Spring Creek Church, and when they do, we can strengthen them, their marriages and their families by teaching God's truth.

Our limited spaces for Children, Middle School, High School, and Adult ministries are a barrier to effective ministry.  Those barriers limit the number of children, middle/highschool students, individuals and families to whom we can minister.  There is no more room.  

Our main barrier is not lack of people, but inadequate facilities - a barrier that can be removed.

Therefore, we are committing to remove the current limitations of our physical facility, to reconfigure our campus for ministry effectiveness, because as Jesus told us, "Love Makes Room."

The project will be funded through the giving of the people of Spring Creek Church, enabling the church to remain debt free.  Our goal is to expand our facilities to effectively minister to more people locally and continue generously giving to other local and worldwide ministries.

We will ask the people of Spring Creek to declare their intention to support the project over a 3-year period.


Strategy and Benefits

After input from building experts and hundreds of people of Spring Creek, we have developed a "creatively frugal" strategy to reconfigure our campus for maximum ministry effectiveness, providing adequate space for children, middle/high school students, individuals, and families.

The project will involve the following:
  • Build 30,000 sq. ft children's building
  • Expand Loft area upstairs for multi-putpose use for students, 20s, and Life Groups
  • Convert current children's wing rooms for High School & Middle School use
  • Recarpet existing offices
  • Reconfigure Room 138 into office space
  • Expansion of parking lot
  • Miscellaneous sanctuary upgrades.

Ministry Benefits of the Project
  • Double the capacity for Children's ministry
  • Double the capacity for Middle and High School ministries
  • Increased capacity for Adult Life Groups
  • Increased space for Spring Creek Staff
  • Increased parking lot capacity
LOVE MAKES ROOM Calendar of Events

Sunday, October 16
Sermon Topic: Managing Today’s Treasures

Sunday, October 23
Sermon Topic: Storing up Tomorrow’s Treasures

Sunday, October 30 - CHALLENGE SUNDAY
Sermon Topic: The Key to the Treasure
Someone brought the gospel to you and me.
Now we must bring the Gospel to others…to our children and grandchildren, our communities, and our world. 
We will all be challenged to pray and ask the Lord what He would have us do toward the Love Makes Room project. 
We will not talk about equal giving, but rather equal sacrifice.

Tuesday, November 1 - Day of Prayer
Please be in prayer for our Love Makes Room project.  Prayer is the key. 
We set aside this day to specifically pray for God to help us reach our goal and bless our lives. 

Sunday, November 6 - COMMITMENT SUNDAY
Sermon Topic: The Key to the Treasure
On this day we will turn in our commitment cards. 
This will be a time of commitment, sacrifice, and faith. 
We will have the opportunity to invest in something larger than ourselves-something that will outlast our lives on this earth. 
It will be an eternal investment.

Sunday, November 13
Guest Speaker, Missionary Kent Craig
Special Guest: Drs Harry and Jan Gebert

Sunday, November 20 - CELEBRATION SUNDAY
We all have 10,000 reasons to praise the Lord for His goodness. 
On Celebration Sunday we will announce the total amount committed in faith toward our project. 
Our goal is $6,000,000. 
We believe we can reach this amount with
God’s help. 
Whatever the result, we want to give God all the praise and glory!