Current Sermon Series

God is extending to us an invitation - an invitation to enjoy God and the things of God.  It's an invitation to experience true freedom and fulfillment in life.

Unfortunately, this enjoyment, freedom, and fulfillment can seem illusive for many Christians.  Thankfully, God has given us specific instructions in the Bible that He has designed for our own benefit.  And like a child who receives important instructions from their parents, sometimes our response is, "Why Should I?"

From April 23rd to May 28th, Spring Creek Church will be examining these instructions from God and answering the question, "Why Should I?"  If you are ready to take your relationship with God to another level and unlock the enjoyment, freedom, and fulfillment in life to which God is inviting you, the "Why Should I?" series is for you.

For the fullest experience in the "Why Should I?" series, plug into a Life Group for these 6 weeks!  Life groups are mid-size communities of people who gather weekly for Bible study, encouragement, and care.  During this series, each life group is studying a different "Why Should I?" topic each week.  The topics are listed below and the groups are listed on our Life Group Page.