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MAY 2022


God made everything.

Bible Story

Land, Plants, and Sea;
Sun, Moon, and Stars

Genesis 1:9-19

God makes land, plants and sea on day three. He makes sun, moon and stars on day four. And, it is good.


"God saw everything he had made. And it was very good."

Genesis 1:31, NIrV


Morning Time

When you go into your child’s room, say: "Good morning! Look out of your window. God made the sky and the sun, the moon and the stars, and God made you, too."

Drive Time

While on the go, ask your child: “What’s your favorite thing to do at the park or playground? What’s your favorite thing to play in the water (pool, lake)?”

Cuddle Time

Cuddle with your child and pray: "God, thank You for tree blossoms and ocean waves and night skies filled with stars. Help us to never lose sight of how truly good and amazing You are."

Bath Time

During bath time, sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” together. Talk about how God made the sun, moon, and stars.

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