July 2019 - Monthly Elementary Parent Cue




JAMES 1:17a
Every Good and Perfect Gift

SAY THIS: Show God's
goodness to others.


ACTS 12:1-19
Peter Gets Out of Prison 

SAY THIS: Be faithful so
others can count on you.


MARK 10:13-16
Jesus and the Little Children

SAY THIS: God can give you
the strength to be gentle.


JAMES 3:3-10
Taming of the Tongue

SAY THIS: God gives you the
power to have self-control.


"God began a good work in you. And I am sure that he will carry it on until it is completed. That will be on the day Christ Jesus returns."
Philippians 1:6, NIrV

LIFE APP—What God is doing in you to change the world around you


Think of something you could do for your child in the morning that would show them a little extra kindness—make a special breakfast, give a special treat in their lunch, or maybe complete one of their chores. They may or may not notice, but be sure to tell them, "Find a way to show someone God's goodness today!"


Q&A for Kids: What's the best gift you were ever given?
Q&A for Parents: What is one thing you are really good at that helps others?


Place a jar in the car for the entire week and tell your child that any person in the car who can't control their emotions or words, will have to give $1 to the jar. Parents are included on this! At the end of the week, evaluate: "What made it difficult to stay in control of emotions or words? What happens when we lose control?" Use the money at the end to buy a special treat!


Talk about some of the good things in your life. When you start paying attention to all the wonderful things God has given you, you can start to show that goodness to others. You can be a friend. You can share what you have. You can help others see the unique things that God has given to them. Pray for each other, that you will have eyes this week, to see the good things that God has given to you.

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