AWANA Grand Prix

RACE DAY will be March 11th, 2023 | in the KidsCreek Clubhouse
Concessions available from 8:30-noon

All Clubbers in SPARKS and T&T can participate in this fun, parent/child relationship-building activity!
PARENTS: CLICK HERE to learn how you can assist at this event!
Sparks - 8:00-10:50am      T&T - 10:00-12:50pm
  (more detail below)

CLICK HERE to pre-purchase your Car Kit NOW *
The $8.00 Awana kit includes: wood block, numbers, wheels & axles,
and Nine Simple Steps to Build a Great Car.
Stop at the Children's Welcome Desk to Pick up your car kit.
SPARKS: choose a car # between 1-80
T&T: choose a car # between 81-160

*ONLY AWANA cars & parts are allowed.

 Mark your calendar with these important weeks:

February 1 & 8 | Car order & pick up
Please pre-pay for a car kit at the link above

February 15 & 22 | Car cutting at church
February 22 & March 1 | Car weigh-in at church
March 11 | THE BIG RACE!!

- Once a car is checked-in, there can be no other alterations done to it – including adding lubrication.
- Parents are not allowed to go in the pit crew or race areas.
- Each car will race one time on each lane.
- The software then takes the best 3 of 4 races for a given car and averages it’s score.
- The top 4 cars (or the 4 cars with the best averages) go into the finals.
- If a car bumps into another car and causes it to go off the track, we will rerun the race.
- The second time the same car knocks a car off the track, it is removed from the race.
- If a car looses a wheel the pit crew will try to fix it. The second time the same car looses a wheel it is removed from the race.

Kid’s Notes:
- Be sure to pay attention for when your car will be racing. 
- Your name and car number will appear in the lower right hand portion of the screen.

- When you put your car back in the pit area, be sure to put them in the same slot as your car number.

Check-In & Judging & Pictures
9:00: Welcome, Prayer, Rules
9:10: Main Heats

10:10: Speaker

10:20: Design Trophies
10:30:Final Heats

10:40: Speed Trophies

Collect Cars/Participation Ribbons & Dismiss


10:00-10:45: Check-In & Judging & Pictures
11:10: Welcome, Prayer, Rules

11:15: Main Heats
12:10: Speaker                                                                            

12:20: Design Trophies 
12:25: Final Heats

12:35: Speed Trophies 

Collect Cars/Participation Ribbons & Dismiss

12:50: Clean up & Tear Down