Christmas at the Creek
Welcome to the online registration for the Spring Creek Church Christmas Eve services.
When you register, please tell us how many people, including yourself, will be attending and which service you plan to attend.
In the past, every year at least one of our services was very very full.
This year we are offering the same service 4 different times, and we are limiting the number of people who can attend to one third of normal attendance.
We want you to have realistic expectations when you walk in.
We make all main floor seating available so people can have more room to spread out, and make all stadium seating available on an every other pew basis to give seating to those who want even more separation.
Don’t be surprised to see pews full of people.  They are probably family and close friends who see each other on a regular basis.
We will not be shaking hands, passing offering plates, or handing out bulletins.
Since the beginning of COVID, we've implemented greater cleaning protocols throughout the church, placed hand sanitizer in many places, and posted on our website our belief that people can comply with the Governor's mask mandate.
Governor Ever’s order, and his Q and A explanation of his order, foresaw and addressed a potential problem…people will enter a room with other people present, some wearing masks, some not.  Governor Ever’s comments are helpful:
     a. He states some people are exempt from wearing a face covering.
     b. He states no person is required to carry documentation to prove they do not need to wear a face covering in public.
     c. He states a face covered person, who sees a person not wearing a face covering, is to say nothing.  He states the face covered person is to continue wearing their face covering and move away from the uncovered face person.
If you are comfortable with this in-person reality, please join us in-person.
If you are not comfortable, please join us online.
All three December 24 services will be available in-person and online at the listed times.  The 3:00pm and 5:00pm in-person service is at capacity, please register for the 7:00pm is you desire to attend in-person.
You must register here to attend an in-person service. Please print and bring your registration with you or bring the digital copy on your phone to show as you enter. 
Merry Christmas…hope you can join us in-person or online.

Early Christmas Eve, Sunday, December 20
Service is full & registration closed. 

Christmas Eve, December 24th 
3:00pm - Service Full/Registration Closed
5:00pm - Service Full/Registration Closed

7:00pm - Registration Open 


December 24th
3:00pm, 5:00pm and 7:00pm