2020 Broomball Classic

2020 BROOMBALL Tournament  |  Saturday April 4  |  The Ponds of Brookfield
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Middle School Tournament:  8:00 am to 12:00 pm**
High School Tournament:  12:00 pm to 5:00 pm**
**Times shown are approximate.

How it Works...
1 - Get your friends together and decide you want to prove your broomball skills to the world.
2 - Elect a Captain.
3 - Captains register from Tues Feb 11th to Wed Feb 26th.
4 - Team Members then register from Tues Mar 3rd to Sun March 22nd noting their Captain when registering.
5 - Come up with an epic team uniform.  The more creative the better.
6 - Show up Sat April 4th and DOMINATE the competition!

Please Note...If you need to be placed on a team, email
bmathie@springcreekonline.com and we will get you on a team!

Team Make Up
1 - Up to 10 people may be on a team.  6 people play at a time with up to 4 guys on the ice at a time.
2 - Teams must be either entirely made of Middle Schoolers or High Schoolers.  No crossing over.
3 - There may be multiple LOFT leaders on each team, but only 1 may play at a time.

Students -$15 
Leaders - FREE

Click HERE for Team Member Registration

Team Member Registration will close at Midnight Sun March 22nd!

Captain registration is CLOSED.

Apparel and Safety
Helmets are MANDATORY but aren’t provided.
Bring a helmet that protects your head. 

  • Sneakers or snow boots are approved footwear.
  • No skates, cleats, metal spikes, Yaktrax, or clamp-ons are allowed!
  • Some sort of team identifying apparel or uniform is required.
  • Players will not be allowed to wear any equipment that is deemed unsafe or unfair by a referee or by the tournament official (such as goalie pads or dangerous footwear).


Questions? Click HERE to send an email to the Student Ministry Group