Early Ones Life Group
Early Ones is open to all ages

Leader: Pastor Jeremy Rush

Current Study: 52 Key Texts in the Bible
Previous Studes:
 Advent, In The Beginning, A Saviour is Born - Pete Briscoe, 1 Thessalonians, Acts, Psalms, Titus, Basic Doctrine

Day/Time: Sundays @ 8:00am
Room: 20 (West Wing)
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 Early Ones exists to provide a Bible study, discussion, caring support, prayer and fellowship community for individuals of all ages, marital status, and Christian experiences.

A few words from Early Ones members:
"The best thing about the class was that they really care about each other. My wife developed cancer in 2005 & again in January of 2007. I lost her on January 17, 2008 after being together for over 45 years.  As she became more sick, someone from Early Ones stopped almost every day to visit & they always brought food which was very helpful because I hate to cook.  The members from Early Ones were with us through the whole ordeal. I love them for that. I feel very strongly that a small group is the best way to get closer to GOD & develop lasting friendships." - Jim

"A perfect time slot! Early Ones enables me to be connected to a life group, serve in children's ministry at 11:00 and not miss church. Now that is a great day of worship! I love that this group is committed to corporate prayer every Sunday, with follow-up emails throughout the week when necessary. This is a loving group of people who enjoy time together inside and outside of class. All are welcome!" - Lisa