in Dependence Life Group
in Dependence is designed for parents of teens

Leader: Scott and Angila Allen

Day/Time: Sundays @ 9:00am
Room: 206/207 (East Wing)
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Current Study: Effective Parenting in a Deffective World
Past Studies: Daniel, Power of Prayer, 1 Thessalonians, Engage (tech for children), Ruth, Proverbs, Genesis

in Dependence is made up of parents of teens committed to exploring God's word together and encouraging one another to be dependent on Christ as their teenage children transition from dependents to independent adults.

A few words from in Dependence members:

"My wife and I have become connected with other families that have kids similar in age and we really enjoy learning about God's word with others in class.  We enjoyed volunteering with our life group helping Soles For Jesus and we've enjoyed great conversation at a bonfire outing.  We also found great tips on parenting teenagers." - Jeff