Student Ministry Overview

Welcome to the LOFT at Spring Creek Church!

I am blessed by a great leadership team who seek to educate, equip and encourage students to grow in their faith and live for Jesus Christ!

As a ministry, we offer many diverse methods to live out our mission statement which is
Truth + Love = Jesus Joy or T + L = J2 for short.

On Sunday mornings we study the Bible, in depth, one section at a time. Students are given notes which they may keep for future reference. See the Sunday button on our home page for more information and to see what we are currently studying.

On Wednesday nights we have fun during LIVE @ The LOFT, topical studies, games and small group breakouts called Discipleship-Groups (D-Groups).  Each D-Group is divided by age and gender and is supervised by several adult leaders who guide and mentor the students. See the Wednesday button on our home page for more information.

Throughout the year we offer many other opportunities for student involvement and enrichment like retreats, events, outings, student worship and serving our community. Retreats are overnight experiences where we study the Bible deeper and build deeper friendships.

Events occur on-site such as contests, games, challenges or activities. Outings are off-site activities offered throughout the year. Some examples of outings are laser tag, trampoline parks and bowling. Student worship opportunities include student orchestra, band and praise teams for both middle school (MS4J) and high school (One Voice). Please click here for more information about Youth Worship Opportunities.  And lastly, we give back to our community by serving others together with our friends and leaders within our D-groups.

As you can see by this short description, this is a very vibrant ministry! We are humbled by what God is doing in our midst and hope you will join us and learn the key to Jesus Joy through Truth and Love.

Motivated by His Grace,

Isaiah 66:2
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This is our mission statement for a life well lived in God's economy of wealth:

Our method of implementing our mission statement is the “BUSSS” system:

(B) Biblical Worldview... Training students to read and understand the Bible.
(U) Unique Design... Imparting wisdom to students to know who they are, whose they are and why it is important!
(S) Salvation… Teach and clearly explain what the gospel is and why it is important.
(S) Sanctification… Training students to grow in “Christ-likeness” through fun and innovative experiences.
(S) Servant hood… Showing by example what it means to serve Christ, especially within each student’s
unique set of gifts and talents.