Student Worship and Serving Opportunities
Student Worship Opportunties
Student Worship Band
Ages: Grades 9-12        
Director: Jamie Ellinger
Auditioned: yes
Runs: August – May
Rehearsal Times: Sundays 1:00-3:00; Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm
Rehearsal Location: At Spring Creek Church, in the HUB
Worship Dates:
Each week on Wednesday nights

What do They Do?
-Each member of the team is held to a high standard of excellence both in music and in their walk with the Lord. 
-They are challenged each week to: Grow musically, Grow Spiritually and Live what they Sing.
-Pray for, encourage and challege each other.
-Skills include: Guitar (Acoustic, Bass and Electric), Keyboard, Drums and Vocals

How Do They Serve?  
-Lead music for Spring Creek’s Student Ministry gatherings on Wednesday nights
-Lead music for Student Ministry retreats and special events
-Perform occasionally in Spring Creek’s Sunday morning services

How Do I Become Part of The Team?
1. Fill out an application and turn into the LOFT safe in the stairwell or email to (Jamie)

(Click Here for Application)
2. An audition with Jamie including a song the student has prepared for Him
3. Meet the rest of the worship team and join in a practice followed by a meeting with Jamie about the student's personal walk with Christ and their desire to be on the team

Grow Program
Ages: Middle-High School
Director: Jamie Ellinger
Auditioned: Yes
Runs: August - May
Rehearsal Times: Sundays from 1:00p-3:00p
Rehearsal Location: The HUB
What do they do?
-Members of Grow are individuals who have started learning an instrument: Guitar (Bass, Electric, Acoustic), Keyboard, Drums or Vocals. Grow is a program designed to help them: improve their skills individually, teach them how to work in a team relationally, and challenge them spiritually to understand biblical Worship in light of God's love.
-Each individual will be paired with a current member of the Worship team to learn and grow from during worship team practices, bringing them hands on training with other talented students.
How do I join?
-See above. Joining Grow is the same process as joining the Student Worship Team. 
-This is so that once they have improved sufficiently, they could be grafted straight into the worship team.

MS4J (Middle School For Jesus)
Ages: Grades 6-8
Director: Pam Tajnai
Auditioned: no
Runs: Sept – June, rehearsals start Wed Sept 7
Rehearsal Times:
-Wednesdays 5-6pm
-Saturday 9am-11am the day before performance
Rehearsal Location: Room 20 in the Life Group wing (enter at door #5)
Performance Dates:
-1 Fall and 2 Spring Sunday morning Worship Services
-Spring Creek’s Christmas, Easter and/or Patriotic productions, based on the need that year. 
-Lead music 2x/year at Milwaukee Rescue Mission
-2 to 3 other trips / year to sing and perform for community locations (nursing homes, hospitals)
What do They Do?
-Sing, speak, dance, drama, record and edit video, play percussion instruments

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Questions? Click HERE to send an email to the Student Ministry Group

Parent Serving Opportunities
Wed Night Leader Soup
Do you love to make soup? Want to cook up your favorite family recipe and bless others? If so, we have an opportunity for you to bless the LOFT leadership team!
Sign Up link coming soon!
Scatter Days
Parents are needed to drive students and help lead our monthly Scatter Days where students go into our community to serve.  Watch for more details in the Weekly Update!

Student Serving Opportunities
Scatter Days
Each month the Middle School or High School Students "scatter" into our community to serve others.  Past serving locations have included Soles for Jesus, Zachariah's Acres, Feeding America, Carenet, God Touch Milwaukee, Milwaukee Rescue Mission and many others.  Students also visit our Spring Creek shut-ins and do various projects around the church.
Scatter Days are typically the second Saturday of the month from 8:30AM-Noon.
Watch the Weekly Update for more details!