Life Groups
At Spring Creek we believe that being a part of a Life Group is a vital element for growth and fulfillment as a Christian. Life Groups are mid-sized communities of people within the larger body of the Church - doing life together.  

At the heart of our vision for Life Groups is a desire to see a community of believers (relationship) who are growing deeper in their love for Christ and obedience to Him (discipleship) in fulfilling the Great Commission in their neighborhood, city, and throughout the world (outreach).

There are many options for Life Groups on Sundays and Wednesdays.  Life Groups are listed by general life stage - but this is only a suggestion and you are welcome to check out any group at any time. 

If you would like help finding a group that is right for you please click the "Help Me Find a Life Group" button below or contact Pastor Jeremy directly.
email:  Jeremy Rush |   phone:  262-695-2211


Early Ones 
All Ages Welcome
Leader: Dean Flowers/Tom Clark  Room: 20
Description: Providing a Bible study, discussion, caring support, prayer and fellowship community for individuals of all ages, marital status, and Christian experiences.   

Sunday Morning (9:30)
One Accord
All Ages
Leader: Robert Olson  Room: 20
Description:  One Accord exists to grow, encourage, and serve others with an eternal perspective.

All Ages
Leader: Greg Herman  Room: 24
Description:  Anchored exists to become anchored in Christ through our discussion on Biblically relevant topics and foster welcoming and deepening community through fellowhsip, service and prayer.

Family Matters
Leader: Brian Mitchell  Room: 21
Description: Family Matters exists to equip and encourage parents to build a Godly home that will impact their communities for Christ.

Parents of Young Children
Leader: George Adams  Room: 25
Description: Lighthouse exists to be a refuge offering wisdom and guidance to those navigating the waters of early parenthood.  Jesus came to be the "Light of the World" and called us to be the same.

Leader: Mike Poelzer  Room: 22
Description:  Change-Pointe exists for parents of elementary and middle school children, so we can navigate our growing faith together an instill that faith in the next generation.

Leader: Jeremy Chapman/Adam Lindell  Room: 23
Description: Thrive exists to provide authentic and stage of life appropriate relationships for the purpose of practical and accountable Biblical discipleship.                        
Young Married
Leader: Tom Stricker  Room: 27
Description: Renewed exists to grow in our relationship with Christ, our relationship with each other and our influence on those outside the group.

All Ages
Leader: Phil Ransom  Room: 212 (East Wing)
Description: With God's North in view, we grow in Christ together, build each other up, and encourage & pray with each other on life's winding journey.

in Dependence
Parents of Teens
Leader: Scott Allen  Room: 207 (East Wing)
Description: As parents of teens are committed to exploring God's Word together and encouraging one another to be dependent on Christ as their teenage children transition from dependents to independent adults.

Sunday Morning (11:00)
Kings Class
Leader: Tom Price  Room: 20
Description: Kings Class exists to demonstrate God's love fore each other by praying, caring, and encouraging one another and spuring each other on toward love and good deeds.

All Ages
Leader: Chuck Schumacher  Room:22
Description: Cornerstone exists to help those who attend to "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18).  We learn to apply the the Bible to our lives in such a way that the people around us will see Jesus in us and glorify our Father in heaven.

Single Life
Singles of all ages
Leader: Bob Hill  Room: 24
Description: Single Life exists to encourage one another with the Word of God, through fellowship and care for one another as we seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of God in order to be transformed to be more like Him each day.

Joint Heirs
All Ages
Leader: Pete Carlo  Room: 26
Description: Joint Heirs exists to know, serve, and encourage one another as we spend time in God's Word, prayer and serving God in our community. 

Sunday Evening (6:30)

Young Adults
Leader: Jamie Ellinger  Room: 201 (East Wing)
Description: Designed primarily for college & post-college aged individuals.


Wednesday Evenings (6:30)
Leader: Brian Mitchell  Room: 21
Description:  Parallel exists to equip and encourage parents to build a Godly home that will impact their communities for Christ.

All Ages
Leader: Ken Hinckle  Room: 24
Description: Junto exists to encourage, sharing burdens and joys, and to study God's Word in an uncompromising manner while having a positive influence in our commuinty.                           

Parenting Teens
Parents of Teens
Leader: Jeremy Rush  Room: 23
Description: Parenting Teens exists to equip parents with the tools, resources and wisdom to launch healthy young adults who have the capacity to stand strong in their faith.
All Ages
Leader: Keith Atchley  Room:25
Description: Tapestry exists to grow in our faith and obedience to Christ while sharing life and serving others.