Current Series
Haggai - Zechariah - Malachi

Starting August 11th we will be reading and studying an all new series in the last three books of the OT.

These books are all about the state of the Israelites in some of the final centuries before Jesus came to earth. We will be learning about the rebuilding of the temple, some challenges God gave His people through these prophets that are extremely applicable today, and some incredible Messianic Prophecies that were given during this time. 

Series Plan (Check back for updates)
Week 1: Overview of the time and happenings these books were written in
Week 2: Haggai Pt 1
Week 3: Haggai Pt 2
Week 4: Zechariah Pt 1
Week 5: Zechariah Pt 2
Week 6: Zechariah Pt 3
Week 7: Zechariah Pt 4
Week 8: Malachi Pt 1
Week 9: Malachi Pt 2

Past Series

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