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2019 Student Trip to Scotland

Why are we going to Scotland?
We will be helping a local ministry that we have partnered with in the UK on three earlier mission trips. These previous mission trips to England played a role in growing communities of young believers in England, and this trip will build on those previous successes and grow a new community of believers in Scotland.
What will we do specifically in Scotland? 
In this ten day “youth camp” we connect to Scottish youth through games, service projects and sharing life with them in ways that can impact their life, faith, family and ultimately their eternal destiny. Typically we sleep on the floor of a church, we eat with local families/church families and then spend the day doing various projects and relational ministry with kids/teens. The teenage culture of the UK and Scotland enjoys connecting with people from the States. Not only will the seeds of the Gospel be planted during our trip, but when we return to the States we will continue to keep in contact with people we have met and continue to share God’s love with them.