LMR Special Gifts


Jesus  makes it clear, very  clear, in both Mark 9 and Matthew 18, that children are important to Him, their faith is to be modelled,  and to welcome a child is to welcome God Himself:
"Whoever welcomes  one  of these little  children  in My name  welcomes Me"  (Mark 9:37).
Wow! Imagine that you have the opportunity to say "Welcome" to God and His children!!
We have an opportunity to make our "Love Makes Room" expansion very welcoming, to furnish it in a manner that communicates,  "Welcome, we're glad you're here."  That welcome will be felt by parents and their children and God.
In our construction schedule , we are approaching the time to order the furnishings  and equipment.  Furnishings and equipment  are the items that  make a room special, usable, comfortable  and say "Welcome."  Above, you will find a flipbook that lists those items. As you look at the flipbook you will be reminded our "Love Makes Room" project expands  and reconfigures  our campus for  ministry effectiveness,  for children from birth to grade 5, for middle and high school students, and for adults.  If you prefer, you can also view or download a PDF of the flip book here.
Please understand I am not asking because we are in financial trouble . We are controlling our expansion costs and our funding  plan is on track.   What  I am doing is creating an opportunity for you because:
  • I want you to feel the joy  that comes from giving.   Some of you were  not able to participate earlier. 
  • I want you to  be able to show God in a tangible way that you know He has blessed you. 
  • I want you to be able to honor and/or remember your loved ones. (Gifts do not need to be made in honor or memory of someone,  but I want you to have this option.) 

Margie and I are planning to participate and give in honor of our 5 grandchildren. Our giving, over and above what we have already committed to the "Love Makes Room" campaign, will help us make a legacy statement to our family that faith and generosity are important to us. We are looking at every item on every page, excited to find just the right gift or gifts.
Would you  please  pray about joining  Margie and me, select a gift or gifts, and make our expansion welcoming to all the  Lord will send us?  In so doing, we together will have acted not only to make room for them, but also to make sure they know they are welcome at Spring Creek Church. You will see in the flipbook that we would like to have everyone declare their intentions on or before November 3.
Finally, here's the answer to the question you may be thinking - what happens if we get too much money? We would be blessed to have a smaller temporary construction loan, save interest by paying that loan off even faster, and be in a position to continue to pass along your generosity to other ministries that need help!
Yours for making Spring Creek a welcoming  place,

Pastor Chip and Margie Bernhard