Profile Set-up Directions
Please follow the steps below to set up your access to Giving Statements & Directory
Click the link below:

1.  The first step is to enter:   FirstName.LastName  (for example: Ken.Johnson) 
Make sure you use the first name you normally use, for example if Thomas is what you use most often, and then don’t type Tom. Our system recognizes the exact person!

2.  Click “Forgot Password and enter the email address you would like to be sent a temporary password. 

3.  Once you receive this email, click the link in the email to go back to the website and login by now using your email address as your username and the temporary password that was sent. (tip – type the password in rather than using a copy/paste method) 

You will now want to change your password. Click “My Info" next to your initials. Then click “Account” at the top of the screen. Enter your new password and click the “Save” button. 

5.  Now go back to the main screen by clicking the Spring Creek Logo at the top left. (menu bars and then logo if you are using a mobile device) 

6.  Now select “My Giving.”  
  • You can now view your giving record on the screen.
  • You can now filter the giving you would like to see by using the drop down box & selecting what year you would like. (for mobile phone click the filter icon). Then select whatever criteria you would like, such as year to date and then click “email statement”
7.  Next, click “email statement, and the following screen click “send emails”. 

(Note: Once you have completed this initial set-up, you will now use the link on the Spring Creek website under the "Resources" tab and click “Church Directory/Giving Statement”.)

If you have any questions/problems/concerns with the set up OR your giving statement, please click here to email Jeanne Ringenoldus or call Jeanne at the church office at 262-695-2211.

You will also see you can view/edit your basic information such as cellphone, address, etc.
You may also look up the directory information of other Spring Creekers. You just enter the last name into the search area.

If you have directory questions, please  click here to email Jan Atchley
or call Jan at the church office at 262-695-2211.