2021 Grand Canyon Giving

2021 Grand Canyon Trip

What we do at The Loft – Student Ministry of Spring Creek Church…
… Sundays: We study all 66 books of the Bible in a seven-year plan, of which I have committed to doing.
… Wednesdays: We do weekly topical studies, which prepare me/us for life on how to handle key areas of life wisely.
… We serve in our community almost monthly: church family needs, community, SE Wisconsin & some national.
… We typically serve in an international serving opportunity, but due to COVID-19 this summer we cannot.
Why are we going to the Grand Canyon?
… We typically travel overseas to serve as mini-missionaries, yet this summer due to COVID-19 we cannot.
… We have had many “No’s” in the last year, yet our church family has sought out the “Yes” areas to help us grow.
… Many service-related groups are not taking groups more than 10 and we are a group of 40, so this year is different.
…  To provide a “Yes” in a world full of “No’s” we are doing a creation/faith-building trip to the Grand Canyon!
We will be learning from different speakers to train us in some key areas of Genesis & other books of the Bible.
It will definitely be an important opportunity for me & others to grow in faith, focused life-topics and much more…

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