WOW Tuesday Study Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Tuesday Morning WOW
9:15 - 11:15 am
Starts Tuesday, September 21st
Kick-off with special guest Kim Mitchell

What Love Is:  The Letters of 1,2,3 John - by Kelly Minter  

The Letters of 1, 2 & 3 John were written to encourage followers of Jesus to remain faithful to the truth. Believers are challenged to look at contrasting themes such as walking in the light instead of darkness, truth versus lies and deception, loving God more than loving the world, and the meaning of true fellowship and community rather than shallowness. This study not only reveals the heart of John but also the heart of Jesus.

Cost: $20 includes workbook or get your own book and pay $5
Childcare: $50 per child for the Fall semester


WINTER/SPRING 2022 Tuesday Morning WOW
Bible Study Options- Registration opens December 2021

Jesus in Me by Anne Graham Lotz


You may know something about God and something about Jesus, but what do you know about the Holy Spirit? Too often, we seem to overlook the third Person of the Trinity, perhaps because we don’t know much about Him. Anne Graham Lotz draws on her rich biblical knowledge as well as her personal story—including her recent cancer diagnosis—to help us understand that the Holy Spirit is not a magic genie, a flame of fire, a force, or a vague feeling. He is a Person who prays for us, guides us in our relationships and decisions, comforts us in pain, and stays by our side at all times. He is not an optional extra in the Christian life; He is a divine necessity. In this simple yet profound teaching, she explores seven key aspects of the Holy Spirit that will revolutionize your understanding of the Holy Spirit. 


The Faithful: Heroes from the Old Testament 

Borrowing from best-selling studies by Priscilla Shirer, Lisa Harper, Kelly Minter, and Jennifer Rothschild, this study explores crucial moments in the lives of five Old Testament figures—Esther, Gideon, Malachi, Nehemiah, and Hosea. Through their stories, discover how God uses the lives of ordinary people for His glory and the good of His people. Strengthen your faith as you walk alongside these larger-than-life figures who all chose to obey God no matter the circumstances.




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