Sweet Moments

Wednesdays Evenings 6:30 – 8:00pm
January 4 – April 27, 2022

Room 29
Adorned - by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Join us for this year long Bible Study with video teaching, and guest speakers. Sweet Moments is designed to support women new in marriage or motherhood, that would like some mentoring by women who have walked further down the road.  Our desire is to offer hope, practical teaching, and rich biblical encouragement for women in these sweet moments of life.

Cost: $20 and includes the Adorned book and workbook

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There is no childcare option for Wednesday nights, but this study does run in conjunction with the Awana schedule.

JANUARY                                                                               HOMEWORK

5-Screens & Family Time:  Pulling Us                          Pastor Chris Brown
Together or Apart

12- Video 8/ Discuss Chp. 8                                         Book Chp9 p.182-201 /Study Guide p. 38-39
A Sophron State of Mind – Developing
19-Money Matters                                                              Joe and Judy Lucas

26- Video 9/ Discuss Chp. 9                                         Book Chp10 p.204-229/Study Guide p.42-44
Passionate About Purity-Pursuing Holiness
in an Unholy World
FEBRUARY                                                                            HOMEWORK

2- Women’s Health, Ask the Doctor                             TBD

9- Video 10/ Discuss Chp. 10                                      Book Chp11 p.230-256 /Study Guide p. 46-4
Taste of Heaven-Cultivating a Heart for Home
16- TBD                                                                                    TBD

23- Video 11/ Discuss Chp. 11                                     Book Chp12 p.258-282/Study Guide p.50-51
Need Help Lovin’ That Man
MARCH                                                                                  HOMEWORK

2-Marital Communication                                               TBD

9- Video 12/ Discuss Chp. 12                                       Book Chp13 p.284-306/Study Guide p.54-55
An Unexpected Blessing-Discovering the
Strength and Beauty of Submission
16-Being Superwoman: Quick Tips for:                       TBD
cleaning, organizing, scheduling and meals

23- Video 13/ Discuss Chp. 13                                     Book Chp14 p.308-328/Study Guide p.58-59
Life-Givers In Training-Embracing the
Gift of Motherhood
30- Intentional Parenting & Practical Helps        Jamie Pendolino
APRIL                                                                                         HOMEWORK

6- Video 14/ Discuss Chp. 14                                        Book Epilogue p.331-342
Showing a Deeper Kind of Kindness
13-Easter Celebrations                                                        TBD

20-RECAP all Study Chapters

27-Celebration- Summer planning                                 TBD
Awana Awards/ NO CLASS


Patti Hutton - Director of Women's Ministry
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