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Up-Dated: August 30, 2010
Chuck's Recuperation

Hi Dear Ones. 


This is Chuck writing.  I'm going on five weeks since my surgery and am happy to report that all goes well.  I will start Cardiac-rehab the middle of next month.  Before leaving the hospital they had be go to the sleep clinic and found that I often stop breathing in my sleep for as long as 42 seconds.  They wouldn't let me out of the hospital until I promised to get used to the c-pap machine which arrived at our home about an hour after we got here from the hospital.  I have kept my promise, but it hasn't been easy and I found myself dreading the hour to go to bed.  I have to wear a full mask with the machine since one of my nostrils is most always plugged up.  At any  rate I am pretty much used it now and am thankful that Elsie doesn't have to w worry about me.

We are now back to our visitation of the seniors and next week I will assume my Sunday Bible class. 

 I so appreciate the prayers and concern of all you dear friends.  

In His love,  Chuck and Elsie

Chuck Smith's surgery

Dear friends at Spring Creek Church:

Chuck had his open heart surgery on Tuesday, and they fixed the mitrol valve, and didn't have to replace it.  Also, the incision they made was smaller, not involving opening the entire chest.  He was in ICU for two days, and moved him to a private room this morning.  He says he's doing well, considering what he's been through.  The prognosis is to probably come home early next week.

Thank you all for your prayers for him and for me.

Love, Elsie